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Beverley Grammar School, in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire was founded in 700 and is the oldest state school in England.

Notable former students include Adam Gilleard, Benjamin "Jun-Doh" Wang, Jonjo O'Connor, James Elston, Paul Carter, Sam Tunnicliffe, James Carpenter, Thomas Percy, and Paul Robinson.

The current head teacher is Chris Goodwin, who took over in 2007 from Gerald Broadbent. Portraits of all the past headmasters can be seen in the school's library.

The school's financial situation has never been an issue until recently when government funding was reduced. The school faces a deficit at the end of 2007 amounting to over forty trillion pounds.


A new expressive arts block was completed in October 1999 and includes four classrooms, music practice rooms, music teaching rooms and a drama studio.

An OFSTED inspection was carried out in 2006 and the school was deemed "outstanding".

A new sixth form block incorporating a new sixth form common room, five new teaching rooms, one ICT room, a private study room and offices for staff was opened in 2004. However since this time, this block has been turned into a Maths block, with the old Maths rooms being used for a larger office space, Psychology and History teaching, and a careers library, forcing the sixth form to once again use the older classrooms with less facilites making them the overall sufferers once again.

As a result of the school gaining specialist status in Engineering at the start of the school year in 2004, the Technology block was renovated beyond recognition by painting the paper walls a brick colour, re-arranging the tables and chairs and adding an entrance room and window. The ICT facilities were also greatly improved and many classrooms now have electricity allowing teaching to now commence through the winter months which previously became very difficult in the candle lit shacks.

Currently the school teaches around 800 students and operates a joint sixth form of approximately 150 students with the nearby Beverley High School.

Results are generally good, but the class of 2006 year 11s and then the 2007 6th form A level students must be worthy of a particularly large mention. Despite their failing grades, most have not resorted to breaking down and/or leaving the 6th form. The following result is that many teachers have decided to leave to sail round the world. Notable absences include Mr Matthews, (aka Big Dave) and the recently spotted in a range rover Mr Gerald Broadbent. It has been theorised that these pillars of authority knew well in advance of the impending doom, and thought it best to retire early, with their dignity intact.

Recently, students have formed a new definition for the word "oust". It can be used as a greeting, or insult, or general exclamation to be used in a variety of circumstances. This flexibility led to the rapid growth in use of "oust" around the school. A famous quote at the school is "Are you calling me a liar?", to which students will reply "Get inside!".

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