exams 2007

Session Specification Module Duration
Thursday 2007-01-11 AM AQA Chemistry Atomic Structure, Bonding, and Periodicity 1h
Friday 2007-01-12 PM AQA Physics Particles, Radiation, and Quantum Phenomena 1h
Tuesday 2007-01-16 AM OCR Mathematics Core Mathematics 1 1h 30m
Friday 2007-05-18 AM OCR Psychology Psychological Investigations 1h
Friday 2007-05-18 PM OCR Critical Thinking Credibility of Evidence 1h 15m
Assessing and Developing Argument 1h 45m
Tuesday 2007-05-22 PM OCR Psychology Core Studies 1 1h
Core Studies 2 1h
Tuesday 2007-06-05 PM OCR Mathematics Probability and Statistics 1 1h 30m
Wednesday 2007-06-06 AM AQA Chemistry Foundation Physical and Inorganic Chemistry 1h
Introduction to Organic Chemistry 1h
Thursday 2007-06-07 AM OCR Mathematics Core Mathematics 2 1h 30m
Friday 2007-06-08 AM AQA Physics A Mechanics and Molecular Kinetic Theory 1h
Current Electricity and Elastic Properties of Solids 1h