exams 2008

Session Specification Module Duration
Friday 2008-01-11 AM OCR Mathematics Core Mathematics 3 1h 30m
Thursday 2008-01-17 PM Mechanics 1 1h 30m
Monday 2008-01-21 AM AQA Physics A Waves, Fields, and Nuclear Energy 1h 30m
Tuesday 2008-01-22 AM AQA Chemistry Further Physical and Organic Chemistry 1h 30m
Wednesday 2008-05-21 PM OCR Mathematics Core Mathematics 4 1h 30m
Wednesday 2008-06-11 AM AQA Physics A Nuclear Instability and Applied Physics 1h 15m
Tuesday 2008-06-17 PM The Synoptic Unit 2h
Thursday 2008-06-19 AM AQA Chemistry Thermodynamics and Further Inorganic Chemistry 2h
Synoptic Assessment 1h